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 Q1.I could not install IPH-CE by PC (Zip version)?
 Q1.Why was not the image displayed even if I connected with the camera?
 Q2. Why was not the image displayed even if I connected with the camera compatible?
 Q3.When starting the IPH-CE , I pulled out the camera and connected it again but the image became unable to be displayed
 Q1.Do I have to buy the headset?
 [product usage registration]
 Q1.please tell me how to register the product usage.
 Q2.please tell me how to get the product usage registration number. could I know my Image Phone number?
 Q4.I want to know the version of IPH-CE I am using.
 Q5.Do I have to register the product usage when I just make call with other extension ?
 Q6.I sent a mail to ask for a registration number, I did not receive the Image Phone number.
 [make a call]
  Q1.Could you tell me how to make a call?
  Q2.I can not make a call.
 [receive a call]
  Q1.I can make a call but I can not receive it.
 [during a call]
  Q1.Could you tell me how to deal with breaking up of the voice during a TV call?
  Q2.What should I do if I want increase the motion of receiving images?
  Q3.The other side could not see the image from me.
  Q4.Could you tell me how to set the transmission rate?
  Q5.Sometimes I can not hear clearly ,please tell me what should I do.
  Q1.Please tell me the setting in order to receive incoming by PDA.
 [back up]
  Q1.Is there anything I have to pay attention to after registration?

 Q&A answers
  A1.Please try the two methods of install as follows.
    (1)install by PC (ZIP version) the IPH-CEiZIP version) from the homepage of IPH-CE in PC.
  2.extract the ZIP file you downloaded to suitable folder of PC.
  3.connect PC and PDA by ActiveSync.
  4.start the ActiveSync of PC ,click [Explorer] and click [MyPocketPC].
  5.copy the vin ptel-ce folder you extracted to [My PocketPC] the [start menu][file explorer] of PDA and tap the [] you have copied to [my device].
  7.the install of IPH-CE will start automatically if you tap it.
  8.the icon of IPH-CE will be added in the start menu or program folder after the install.

    (2)the method of installing PDA directly
  Install PDA directly according to the homepage of IPH-CE.

A1.Check the camera you use whether is in the list of the camera of the instructions [the environment and setting for using IPH-CE] from the homepage of IPH-CE.
  A2.Exit the IPH-CE and connect with the camera again.
  A3.Exit the IPH-CE and restart it.
A1.If microphone of PDA is embedded and the plug-in for headset is near to the microphone , it is possible that you can not hear it clearly.
  In this case ,you can use the available headset to solve the problem.
 [Product usage registration]
  A1.[Please register when you are connecting with internet.]
  1.Start IPH-CE and tap [register] ->[Product usage registration].
  2.registration dialogue will be displayed.
  3.enter registration number and mail address, and click on register button.
  A2.[mail address is necessary in registration]
  1.Please send mail to
  2.The registration number will be sent in the reply mail.
  *If you need multiple registration number, please send mails from different mail account(mail address).
  *If you use the same mail account(mail address), the same number will be sent to you.
  A3.Tap [setting] ->[setting] and check it.
  A4.Tap [help].
  A5.registration is necessary even in extension numbers.
  A6.The header part of your using mail soft may be different from the format of normal mail soft.
  In this case, administration server cannot obtain the right mail address for reply.
  Please contact with pasotel2 for question.
 [make a call]
  A1.1.Start IPH-CE of PDA.
  2.When the player is displayed ,select the Image Phone mode.
  3.Select the destination PC/PDA (connecting number) of the telephone directory.
  4.You can connect by tapping the Image Phone connection button.
  5.You can make a TV call if you input the Image Phone number directly by ten-key.
  6.You can connect by tapping the Image Phone connection button.
  [important]the reason why you cannot connect IPH-CE with destinationPC/PDA(Image Phone number)
  1.destination PC/PDA(connecting number) is power-off.
  A2.1.You can not connect if destination PC/PDA(connecting number) is power-off.
  2.Incoming password has been set.
 [receive a call]
  A1.1.Incoming refusal password has been set in the setting of IPH-CE.
2.If you start IPH-CE without connecting with internet and connected with it after starting ,please exit IPH-CE and restart it .
  3.It is perhaps you did not set the Wi-Fi router correctly .
  Check it according to [setting of router].
 [during a call]
  A1.1.If the voice breaks up during a Image Phone ,please tap the button of transmission rate and lower it.
  2.If the voice still breaks up even turn down the transmission rate, please use the telephone mode.
  3.the voice may break up when other software is running during a Image Phone call.
  4.Please do not operate the PC if there is no necessary during a Image Phone call.
  [caution]IPH is a Picuture Telephone service using internet.
It is different from normal Image Phone, sound may delay caused by crowed internet.
  A2.1.{initial setting value [Japanese version 400kbps]}is set in transmission rate button.
  2.If you use a faster network than the default value of transmission rate, please set a large value close to your network transmission rate and the motion of image will be fast.
  3.If the destination is in network with slow transmission rate, the motion of image will be slow.
 [standard of transmission rate setting value]
  (users using ADSL(15Mhz):400Kbps - 1Mbps)
  (users using XDSL: 400Kbps - 1Mbps)
  (users using VDSL(2Mhz): 1Mbps)
  (users using FTTH(100Mhz): 3Mbps)
  4.transmission may be too fast or too slow based network environment in different using locations excepting FTTH.
  (Please contact with your contracted Internet Service Provider.)
  [sound may break up if the transmission is set to large value in slow network environment.]
  A3.If your image cannot be caught in the sub window, please confirm that the SDIO camera has been installed correctly and the connection of SDIO camera is normal.
  A4.transmission rate can be set between 400Kbps and 3Mbps.
  You can use the function of image size selection ,so you can set in according to the network.
  You can receive image by selecting the image size (large)(small)
  A5.Please adjust the setting of microphone.
  If it is the series of HP iPAQ PocketPC, please refer to [audio setting of HP iPAQ PocketPC series]
  A1.Check the setting according to the [setting of router].
 [back up]
  A1.PDA may become the status that Hardware reset(initial reset) must be set.
  If you reset it, registration number will be lost.
 If the information of registration number disappears , the same registration number will not can be used again.
 make a back-up of the PDA by ActiveSync after registration.
 If you backup it in status that hardware reset(initial reset) must be set, recovery is available.